RIGHT AND WRONG – The Music of Andrew Hamilton

In 2014 Irish Composer Donal Sarsfield wrote the first extended analytical study of the music of Irish composer Andrew Hamilton. This article was published Tempo Volume 68 / Issue 269 / July 2014, pp 30-41.

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A. Hamilton –  Photo by Ingrid Hora

It explores the aesthetic ideas that inform Hamilton’s music, which often have as much in common with the work of contemporary visual artists and writers as they do with that of other composers. It discusses the particular sense of humour underlying many of his pieces, as well as his music’s use of common and supposedly simple materials, which are put in the service of new and original aims.

Donal Sarsfield, the author of this recent article on Hamilton’s work, is an Irish composer who enjoys recording, transforming and organising sound. His PhD in Electroacoustic Composition, undertaken at the University of Manchester, investigated how a concentrated perspective on one particular sound source has the potential to develop a perceptual link between the listener, the work and the world in which we live.

You can read the article HERE – follow the link and click on the red pdf symbol.